Friday, October 02, 2009

There is only one Zlatan

The hook-nosed fellow above is one Zlatan Ibrahimovic, born this day 1981 in Malmo, Sweden. Born to a Bosnian father and a Croat mother, Zlatan was raised in the none too genteel neighborhood of Rosengard. After being convinced to continue his football career instead of quitting and going to work as a dock hand in Malmo, he signed his first professional football contract with local club Malmo FF. He worked his way into the senior side in 1999, and was unsuccessfully recruited by Arsene Wenger (the manager of my football club, Arsenal), he joined Ajax in the Dutch league. Thus, a lovely goal scorer was lost to my team, and sent off to set the Dutch league alight, which he promptly did. Larger clubs came calling and Zlatan was off to Italy first with Juventus, then with Inter Milan. It was at Inter that his talent really became obvious, he showed himself quite capable of scoring outrageous goals. However, he has been known to go missing in action in big games. Not many people can ever remember seeing him set the world on fire in a Champions League game, and his scoring record for his national side, Sweden, is not as impressive as one would hope. He has boatloads of talent, and is the first person who would tell you that. He was stated that he could do with an orange what his teammate at the time, and fairly decent striker in his own right, John Carew, could do with a football. He has claimed there is only one Zlatan, and he is fantastic. Sure he is probably right, but he just takes being a prick to knew heights. He would do well to learn from his national strike partner, and also my hero, Henrik Larsson. His recent record setting transfer to Barcelona set tongues wagging about his being overvalued, with all the money, and players switching back and forth his value has been estimated to be 69 million euros. However, in 5 games with Barca he has scored 5 goals, so maybe he is just as talented as he seems to think. He is the first player in Barca history to start their career with the club with such a goal scoring record, and Barca have had some serious goal scorers in their time. So, for the occasion brilliant strike for his national side, and for having world class talent to go along with his world class ego, Zlatan Ibrahimovic (October 3rd, 1981-present), you are my hero of the day.


Colby said...

Hopefully my inane comments don't offend your intelligent and interesting posts, but I just have to say, I think I kind of have his nose, maybe less of hook, but definitely Eastern block.

The Grand Inquisitor said...

umm your comments aren't inane, and i dont think my posts are that interesting. i never said his nose was ugly, just a hook. i am sure it is quite nice on you