Wednesday, August 30, 2006

How to Save a Life

a little of Tidy's bad day, a little Scrubs, and a little of the Fray. How to save a life. Of course at the end of the day you cannot save a life. The end result of all of them is not a happy ending. Sit down and talk it through. Hold onto conversations you have had that were important to you. Remember the foolish foolish things you did together or on their behalf. Or the foolish things they did for you. Being a fool is being alive it comes with the territory, and isnt always a bad thing. Do not worry about where you may have gone wrong, focus on how to save a life. Treasure it beyond compare this may very well be all there is grab it by the throat and live it to the best of your ability. We all leave, some of us leave messily some of us leave quickly, some of leave slowly. The point is look around at the lives you are in (and even the worst of us are in more than just our lives) and realize this is important. Do not allow bitterness or anger to keep you from saving a life. Remember the sound of their voice, focus on the feeling you get when you saw them walk into a room. Do you smile when you see them? When they aren't around do you think of things that you want to share with them? Stupid stories/things that happen to you (to all of us) during our day that makes us think ______ would love this story. Those are the things to hold onto. Sure they made you mad, maybe they made you cry or made you lose faith in yourself, but whether you like it or not that was your life. Remember you affect other people as much as they affect you. Be careful of missing something important because you were not paying attention. Focus! Be conscious of the fact that by being alive, and in someone's life is a extremely large responsibility. One day you might make it into their journal, diary, or a letter to a friend. Years later that person's grandchildren may be cleaning out their attic, and run across that page (or pages) and there you are in two people's lives without evening trying to be. Stay up with them all night if you have to, bail them out of jail if you they need you to, drive them where they need to go. That is what we do, and we should not have to be asked but once to do it. Be there if they need you, get the hell out of the way if they want you to, but keep the phone turned on just in case that tirade they just directed at you runs out of steam (and it will run out of steam). Finally, remember them, cherish them, hate them, love them, romance them, cry with/over them, share them, be jealous of them, tell them their faults, revel in their triumphs, console them in their disasters, laugh with them, accept them, and keep them. This is how to save a life.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

RE: Judges

In response to Tidy's comment. Judges do just that they judge they listen to all the dross and big words us moronic lawyers toss at them, shift through it and volia! MAKE A DECISION! At least in the normal world. Some judges make their minds up right away, and all the king's horses and all the king's men are not going to change it. Some will listen to you blather away, and then fly in the face of all logic and do something that completely flies in the face of the proof before them. DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT SPEAKING OF ANY PARTICULAR JUDGE!!!! Judges, despite some of thinking otherwise, are people too, and with that humanity comes all the baggage. Some are brilliant, well-read, well-spoken jurists that are deeply committed to being as just and fair as possible. Some could not spell CAT if you spotted them the C and the T, and are more concerned with trying to avoid getting on the news. When a judge makes a ruling for or against me I can usually respect it, if there is a sound reason for the decision (Although I will admit, I HATE TO LOSE, so it usually takes about an hour for me to realize that I was not just robbed of a verdict by a total fuckwit). Generally speaking, the cases that go to trial have issues that are truly debatable (very generally speaking). That is why you have two lawyers in monkey suits "making their case" judges (the brighter ones) know these arguments as well and take the time to weigh both sides before rendering a verdict. Also, for the most part, both sides will (hopefully) have/make some valid points. Therefore, in my humble opinion, a verdict that "splits the baby" is (generally) a verdict that a) makes both parties mad, and b) is probably the closest to "justice" you get. Hope that explains it, dear Tidy, without getting me either fired or sued for libel.

The opinions expressed above are really not opinions there are obviously the ravings of a madman, and should not be taken with any seriousness "signed" The Grand Inquisitor's legal team.


As I was shaking it off the other night (no, not shaking THAT off, something else) I came to a sudden horrible realization. That I am both Dr. Frankenstein and his monster. Bear with me here, it will make sense. When I was a mere pup (22 or so) a wise man said to me "the only thing other people cannot control are your emotions" made sense and an idea begin to germinate. Later on in life (25 or so) another saying came my way "control your emotions or they will be your downfall" made even more sense. After a little bit more pondering, I decided to "create" myself. To roll out of my bed one day, and announce to the world ( whom I was positive was waiting with bated breathe for the occasion) I am the Grand Inquisitor, and I do not care what you think (name changed to protect the guilty). This act of self-creation has lead me to the person that I am today (see the post below delineating my faults). All of those flaws or character traits I, for the most part chose, I am a relatively bright bulb. I know the bad traits from the good traits, but I still embrace the bad. I lie to myself and tell myself that I am going to try to "be a better person" but I know I am lying. Obviously, I cannot trust a word I say. I turned myself into my own monster. Remember the monster was not a evil creation, in fact, not a bad dude at all until society decided to shun and reject, then kill him. Hopefully a similar fate does not await me. Luckily for me, I am much more articulate and better looking that Dr. Frankenstein's creation (at least on the outside). I suppose the point of this raving is that whenever I get "down" I should stop and remind myself that you created this "monster" you have to live with it. My only hope is that, unlike Dr. Frankenstein, the "monster" I created is still a work in progress, and that I can tweak it a little to attempt to make it a better functioning creation. Oh, and also unlike Dr. Frankenstein, I do not want to end up at the North bloody Pole, drowning in freezing ass water.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Sir Matthew Hale

Sir Matthew Hale a great judge for his time several others I think were great judges: Baron Pollack, Learned Hand (yes his real name) Benjamin Cardozo, Thomas More, Lord Mansfield, Edward Montagu, and Robert Jackson. Obviously an incomplete list, but these people were JUDGES. The first duty of a judge is to make decisions regardless of what happens it is a judge's responsibility to make decisions. In this day and age judges are elected, a horrid way to get justice, but it appears to be the most popular way we have. An elected judge is like a congressman they have a consituenty voters who can make or break them. It puts a lot of pressure on a judge facing re-election to be seen as fair or tough on crime or as just in order to win votes. Somewhere in all of that justice is sometimes lost or at least seriously misplaced.
I see and experience judges on a daily basis some good, some not so good, some terrible. It is the terrible ones that make you wince, judges that refuse to either follow the law or refuse to make decisions. The ones who try to make everybody happy. In my experience the decisions that make both parties slightly mad are the best decisions. There is no rhyme or reason to this post except I am suffering from a mild case of witer's bloc, and this is the best I could do. After all, I do have a responsibilty to my thousands of readers.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Stolen Stuff

Stolen from Tidy who stole from someone, who stole it from someone else. You get the idea

Layer One
Name The Grand Inquisitor
Birthday June 25th
Birthplace Martin, TN
Current Location Memphis, TN
Eye Colour- blue today, green tomorrow, grey the next
Hair Colour- Dark Brown
Height 5'11
Righty or Lefty Righty, left handed just doesn't feel the same
Zodiac Sign Cancer the Crab or the name of two diseases

Layer Two
Heritage Welsh and French
Shoes you wore today Haven't left the house haven't had on shoes all day
Your weakness Women, gambling, alcohol
Your fears failure and going blind
Your perfect pizza the John Wayne pizza at Old Venice in Oxford MS
Goal you'd like to achieve making something of myself

Layer Three
Your most overused expression on AIM :) i smile too much
Your first waking thoughts Where is Nichole Kidman, I swear she came home with me last night
Your best physical feature my eyes i would guess

Layer Four
Pepsi or Coke Diet Coke
McDonald's or Burger King McDonald's the BK guy in the commerical scares me a bit.
Adidas or Nike New Balance actually
Lipton or Nestea Lipton
Chocolate or Vanilla from the looks of me Chocolate
Cappuccino or coffee coffee

Layer Five
Smoke Only second hand (about a pack) when I am out with Tidy
Cuss What the fuck do you think, shitbird?
Sing only when I can't be heard by another human being
Do you think you've been in love- I know I have
Want to go to college Been there done that got the student loans
Liked High School Not at all
Believe in yourself- who the hell else is there to believe in.
Get motion sickness No
Think you're attractive Of bloody course, am I supposed to think I am ugly?
Think you're a health freak I am lots of kinds of freak, but health freak isnt one of them
Get along with your parent(s) One of them yes One of them no
Like thunderstorms Love them
Play an instrument No, I am the manager

Layer Six
In the past six months you've.....

Drank alcohol Yes
Smoked No
Done a Drug No
Made Out Like a bandit
Eaten Sushi Hell no
Been dumped No
Gone skating No
Gone skinny dipping Nothing about me is skinny
Dyed your hair No
Stolen something.. Yes this blog idea

Layer Seven Ever
Played a game that required removal of clothing Strip Scrabble baby!
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated Ummm Yes
Been caught "doing something" Bloody nosy roommates
Been called a tease.. Yes
Been beaten up Yes but probably deserved it
Changed who you are to fit in Maybe

Layer Eight
Describe your dream wedding I am a guy I don't have a "dream wedding"
How do you want to die At the height of my powers and fame, and suddenly
What do you want to be when you grow up Who said I was planning on growing up?
What country would you most like to visit Ireland or maybe Hungary

Layer Nine

Number of people I could trust with my life Zero
Number of CD's I own 20 or so
Number of piercings had 2 in a previous life
Number of tattoos One just two weeks ago
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper I dont know I dont care
Number of scars on my body 3 or so
Number of things in my past I regret A few, but that comes with being human

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

By Request

By request (and you know who you are) a book you MUST read

Sorry not good with links and stuff that will have to do. Written by a Hungarian author Gyula Krudy, mostly newspaper articles from the late 20's and early 30's some really good stuff. His article on spending a night boozing with the poet Ardy is pricless, makes you feel as if you were there, except you don't have the hangover afterwards. Buy this book! Read this book!

Keep in mind Krudy WAS a raging alcoholic, and these articles paid the bills. He was always under the pressure of a deadline, and many of these articles were written in your typical dark smoke-filled public rooms of whichever tavern he was haunting on any particular night.