Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Think of all the half completed conversations we have all had in our lifetimes. Maybe the phone goes dead, maybe her father comes home, maybe someone interrupts your story/chat with one of their own (I find this the most common), maybe the person just does not care to hear the ending, maybe you were to meet a person somewhere and arrive ten minutes late to be told "damn you just missed them," or maybe the conversation is going so badly that you just give up. Ever wonder if things would be different/better/worse if you had finished those conversations? Think even further afield how many emails have you missed? How many phone calls? Letters? Instant Messages? smoke signals? All of those ways of communicating with other humans on the planet certainly leave a space for lost missives that must be huge. It is like the Dead Letter Office (though they are now called a Mail Recovery Centers) on a huge scale. Aren't all the new ways to keep in touch that have been invented over the last hundred or so years also ways to MISS communicating with people as well. You would never hear Caeaser complain about Brutus not returning his email.