Thursday, February 18, 2010


The fellow above is one Alessandro Volta, born this day 1745 in Como, Italy. He was the product of the "public schools" of Como. Now, I am a public school child myself, and I somehow doubt that the system I was "educated" in was the same as the system that produced Volta. Neither myself, nor any of my classmates (as far as I know), have contributed anything to the world on par with Volta's contributions. One of those contributions was the discovery of methane in 1776, seems he came up with that "discovery" by collecting the gas from marshes. His name is probably familiar to anyone who has ever shocked the piss out of themselves as well. The word "volts" that stuff you send through you body when being shocked or electrocuted is taken from his name. His most famous "invention" is the voltaic pile, an early precursor to today's modern batteries. So the next time you turn on anything that operates on batteries (you ladies especially) give a word of thanks to good, old Alessandro Volta. So, for that invention that makes a lot of people's lives safer, better, and happier. Alessandro Volta (February 18th, 1745-March 5th, 1827, at the age of 82), you are my (177th) hero of the day.

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