Monday, February 01, 2010

Boot strapping

The young fellow above is one Hugo von Hofmannshal born this day 1874 in Vienna, Austria. The son of an upper crust mother, and a bank manager father, Hugo began to write poetry and verses at a young age. He attended "grammar" school with a fellow hero of mine named Stefan Zwieg, and I confess that the reason that Hugo has made it to hero status is because of Zweig's high opinion of him. In his memoir, Zweig speaks very highly of Hofmannshal, proclaiming how talented Hugo was. Considering Zweig's talent that is high praise, and enough for me to give Hugo the hero crown for the day. I have to admit to the horrible crime of never have read any of Hofmannshal's stuff, and I probably won't get around to it soon, considering my to read list is at about 15 books and growing everyday. He is purely a hero based upon him being a hero of mine hero. A hero's hero as it were. Hofmannshal's and Zweig did have other things in common, other than a remarkable writing ability, both of them felt the "fall" of the Hapsburg empire deeply, and both expressed that loss quite well in their writings. So, for being a hero of a hero, Hugo von Hofmannshal (February 1st, 1874-July 15th, 1929, at the age of 55 of a stroke), you are my (160th) hero of the day.

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