Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Flour Town

The blond fellow above is on Johan Mjallby born this day 1971 in Stockholm, Sweden. It is quite possible, since I am too lazy to look, that old Johan may be the first hero that is younger than I am. His major claim to (my)fame is the 49 times he was capped for the Swedish national football team, that and the 4 goals (hey he was a defender) that he scored for the team. He made his name first playing for those Stockholm thugs, AIK, where he played in at least two sides that won the Swedish League. The first time, in 1992, Mjallby refused a winner's medal because he felt that he did not contribute enough to deserve it. Not many professional footballers would do such a foolish thing today. In 1998, AIK won the league again, and Mjallby was able to collect his winner's medal. After that he was off to Celtic, continuing a bit of a Swedish tradition at the club, he played there until 2004. He was captain of the Swedish national team that went to the 2002 FIFA World Cup, and played in both Euro 2000, and Euro 2004. During his stay at Celtic he won 3 Scottish Premier League winner's medals, and a host of other medals including an UEFA runner's up medal in 2002. His career was hampered, and eventually cut short by injuries, but for those 49 caps, and those 4 goals, Johan Mjallby (February 9th, 1971-present), you are my (168th) hero of the day.

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