Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Magic

The quiet fellow above is one Raymond Joseph Teller, born with that name this day 1948 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has since legally changed his name to just Teller, and holds one of the few United States passports with just one name on them. He is known as the, mostly silent partner, of Penn and Teller. The famous magic act that is amazing when seen on TV. I can only imagine how cool their show is live. Teller's trademark silence during the act comes from his time in college. He found that if he kept quiet during his performances he did not get heckled or beer thrown on him. It seems he was performing in front of some tough crowds. Teller is the details man of the act, and it is that attention to detail that makes the act work so well. He and Penn are, in many ways polar opposites, Penn is the larger than life, big picture, social type, while Teller is the quiet, thinking man's man type. It works to perfection every time, and it quite amazing. However, no sleigh of hand, magic bullet, or red ball trick can stop the advance of time, but for making that time advance in such amazing ways, Teller (February 14th, 1948-present), you are my (173rd) hero of the day.

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