Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shooter's Choice

Today is someones birthday. Some where in this spinning globe, someone (many, many someones in truth) is celebrating their day of birth. It might be someones great Aunt Sophie, who survived the camps in Nazi Germany, and is something like 93 years old today. It might be your nephew Blake who just turned 21, and is on his way to the strip club for some "entertainment." If you think hard enough you will figure out that someone you know, or (as they say in my courtroom a lot) someone that you know of, is celebrating the day they screamed their way into the world. Maybe you should send a card, or maybe you hate the bastard, and should send someone to give them a birthday beating. Maybe you could care less if it is their birthday or not. Truth be told, I am not a big fan of birthdays myself. I guess after a certain number of them, they become like re-runs of a not so favourite TV show. Same actor(s), same script, and the same general outcome. Leaning over the shrubbery and throwing your guts out gets old after a while. Of course, we all get old after a while, that what birthdays are there to remind us of. That another 365, or 366 days of "your" life have passed, and an indeterminate amount of them remain. Another Fourth of July, another President's day, another Yom Kippur, another Darwin day have passed, and here you are sitting behind a cake with a group of people you call your friends here to celebrate the day of your birthday. Make a wish they tell you, close your eyes, and try at least to blow out the candles that may be threatening to set off the fire alarm. Make that wish, blow out those candles, and open those cards or presents before we all die of boredom. Hope you got at least something you wanted or needed, and hope you can return all the dross that you got from some well intentioned grandmother. Enjoy the day, and have a few drinks during the night, maybe get yourself something nice for the best gifts are usually the ones we buy ourselves. Then stumble, stagger, or crawl off to bed, and wake up tomorrow another year older, and wonder why you feel like someone is playing the drums inside your head. As you ponder your new age, and before you take that out new age out for a spin. Filling out any paper work today? Make sure you check the right box on the age group question. Before you do stagger out into the world to face the new day with your new age, remember today is someone else's birthday. All of this is, of course, to say that today, for me at least, there is no hero of the day.

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