Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Finding My Voice

As we discussed life, love, and poker last evening, my pal Luke a.k.a. Tidy actually managed to say something of importance. Now, of itself this is a shocking development. However, in this case the other shocking part was I actually remembered what he said enough to write about it. Considering the amount of alcohol we had consumed that is no small feat. He said that I needed to find my own voice. Now in theory I could respond that if I have not found it by now I might be in a little bit of trouble, or in the alternative I could have asked him whose bleeding voice did he think I was looking for? I chose not to wise off for once, and did some pondering along with more drinking. At some point before I passed out err went to sleep I realized that this blog is my attempt to find my voice. I suspect that it will take a while, and it is quite possible that I might never find it. I might go through two or three voices along the way, discard them, and possibly come back to them afterwards who knows? I certainly do not know, but then again that might just make it all worthwhile. I can only hope that along the way I learn something I might not yet know about myself, teach myself something, improve my writing skills to somewhere past the fifth grade level, and make a fortune doing it.

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