Saturday, July 17, 2010


Life is a solo journey, sure you are going to meet and greet a lot of people on the way, but at the end of the day you are the captain, owner, and solo passenger on your own personal ship of state. It is a bit like an trans-Atlantic flight back in the day. You might have a support staff, maybe even a mechanic or two, and there might or might not be a welcoming committee with a big bouquet of flowers and a banner welcoming you to the ground, but you are the one up there in the wild, blue, yonder all alone. Freezing your entire ass most likely, and wondering if you are ever going to see green grass again. Every flight is an adventure, a solo adventure that you have to undertake along with all the rest of us. Co-pilots are not allowed even though there will probably be some people who you might want to be your co-pilot. They might look like a co-pilot, they might act like a co-pilot, but really all they are doing at best is flying in the same directions as you, if only for a while. Enjoy that shared ride while you can, because by definition it can not last. Eventually that person masquerading as your co-pilot will chart a new course, one that may be slightly or even radically different than your own, and all you will see is their contrails as they leave you in search of their own destiny. Even Clint Eastwood's "Man with No Name" can make a partnership as he does in "For a Few Dollars More," but that partnership, like them all, does not last. Eventually he goes his own way, and rides off into the sunset to pursue whatever fate has in store for him, and him alone. That fate, be it good, bad, or ugly is the one in the cards for him, and him alone, try as you might, wish with all your heart that you could, but you will be unable to share it on its true level. Just like the title of a book by Hans Fallada "Every man Dies Alone" and I tend to agree with that theory. Of course it isn't just the solo death that awaits you, that I am blathering own about it is the long day's journey to that death that is also a solo expedition. Certainly you will meet some fellow travelers on the way, and they will be at different stages upon life's way, but just remember they are going east, you are headed north. Enjoy their company if you can, and while it lasts, try not to get too attached, and try not to dissuade them from going east, even if you think it's the wrong direction. It might be, but they have to sort that out for themselves. Besides you have your own problems, and try not to neglect them by trying to save the world. The world isn't worth saving, and even if it was you are probably not the person to do it. Of course, as you realize this little aside is just distract attention to the fact that, for today July 17th, there is no hero of the day.

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