Thursday, July 15, 2010

King Blabbermouth

Today was another one of those days sorely lacking a real, live hero, so I am once again forced to come up with a make believe one. Our hero today is one of the five fellows in the line up above. His name is Keyser Soze, and he is a right bastard. He was voted number 48 out of the top 100 movie villains, which means he is probably not really hero material. But once again, I repeat they are MY heroes, and I get to pick them. If you disagree feel free to start your own blog, and pick your own heroes. However, I do warn you it is a lot more work than you think.

Our boy Soze is one ruthless bastard, if you cross him, as four of the five fellows above did, even unknowingly he will exact his revenge. In these fellows case he gives them the option of completing a "suicide" mission to repay their debts to him. If they live, the get to walk away, but if you have seen the movie, you know that none of them make it. There are two major reasons that Keyser Soze makes it onto the hero podium. First he quotes, or rather paraphrases Charles Baudelaire when he states "that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled is convincing man he didn't exist." Any criminal who can quote Baudelaire can't be all bad. Secondly, his ability to weave a yarn that Agent Kujan believes made out of whole cloth, and using names, dates, and places from things that he sees in the room in which he is sitting is impressive. I like a good yarn, and I wish I had that kind of talent, to just start telling a story, a logical story that hangs together, just by using the things in my line of sight. And, yes I know it is a movie, and it is make believe, but still it is well done. Plus, the part where Verbal Kent says "how do you shoot the devil in the back Agent Kujan? What if you miss" is also an all time great movie line.

The fact that he kills, robs, and sells drugs do make Keyer Soze a bit of an anti-hero, but at least he is slick, and a man of his principles. People are truly afraid of him, and they are not even sure he exists. Now that takes some talent. So it is for that talent that Keyer Soze (played so very well by Kevin Spacey) (???-present) you are my (326th) hero of the day.

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