Friday, July 30, 2010

One More

I know it is a bit over the top to have two fictional characters from the same TV series as heroes on the same day, but hey it is my blog, I get to make the rules. Then if I feel like it, I get to break the rules that I just made.
Either way, the ugly fellow above is one Moe Szyslak, and I figure if we have the drunk Homer Simpson as a hero, we should have the fellow that serves him all those wonderful Duff beers that get him so blissfully drunk. Moe is not the happy type of bartender. He doesn't want to hear your problems because he has too many of his own to worry about you. You go to his tavern to drink, and listen to HIM bitch about his life. Moe is a vulgar, ugly man, with a violent temper, and a shotgun. The latter which he has pulled on numerous occasions on his patrons.
He is unlucky in love, mainly because his is pug ugly, and a bit of a sociopath. I agree that Moe doesn't posses the most heroic of qualities, but somehow you still have to like him. His annual Christmas suicide attempts are hilarious ("18 wheels, and every one of them missed me."). He does, on occasion show some redeeming qualities, but for the most part he is an unrepentant, extremely depressed bastard. Why you wouldn't want to spend you're evening getting bombed at his bar is beyond comprehension. He provides the yardstick by which we can all measure our own misery. If we ever become as, or more miserable than Moe, then it might be time to pack it in, and end it all.
It is not the brightest role to play, and it is a bit of a forlorn role, but Moe plays it quite well, and pulls it off with a sort of understated humanity that endears him to us even as he repulses us. So for being that paradoxical character that we all need in our lives, Moe Szyslak (???-present), you are my (344th) hero of the day.

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