Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Captain

After watching one of the worst world cup finals ever, I figured to make the fellow above today's hero because, after all he was on the winning team, and history loves a winner. His name is Francesc Fabregas, and he was born May 4th, 1987 in Vilassar de Mar, Spain. His claim to the hero podium rests on the shirt he is wearing in the above picture. He is my club team's (Arsenal) captain, and talisman. That is until he bunks off to Barcelona, like all the rest of my favourite players. Since he was first taken to a Barcelona game when he was just nine months old, and started playing football with their youth academy (starting there at the tender age of 10), I figure he is as good as gone back home when he gets the chance. But for now at least he is still the captain, the play maker, and in a way the heart and soul of the current Arsenal squad. When he leaves (not if, but when) it will be a massive blow to my team, and to me, and I may have to consider taking this post down, and strip him of his hero status.

He has scored 46 goals, and has 81 assists in 267 appearances for my team, and for that I will always be grateful. He is also a member of the Spanish team that won the World Cup just a few short hours ago. Even though he does not start for them regularly, he did provide the assist to the game winning goal in the 116th minute. I hope that he does not go back to Barca just yet, considering that the reason he doesn't start for Spain is because the entire Barca midfield does, but I figure that since he played there from the ages of 10 to 16, and it is his hometown club, he will eventually leave Arsenal for home. I figure at this rate I will just have to accept my fate, and become a Barcelona fan. However, I figure, given my reputation for backing "beautiful losers" that Barcelona should be warned in advance. Having me as a fan could be the kiss of death, but they have brought it upon themselves.

Either way, for today, for providing the assist that has led the perpetual under achievers Spain to hoist the World Cup, something I really thought to never see happen, Cesc Fabregas (May 4th, 1987-present), you are my (322nd) hero of the day.

P.S. For fuck's sake PLEASE don't leave Arsenal!

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