Monday, March 22, 2010


The monocled fellow above is one Werner Klemperer born this day 1920, in Cologone, Germany. The outfit above is from his most famous role of Colonel Klink in the series Hogan's Heroes. He was the son of a famous conducted, Otto Klemperer, and young Werner was musically talented as well, being a accomplish violinist and concert pianist. His family was Jewish, and had to flee the Nazis in 1935, which is fairly ironic (in the American sense) since his most famous role was playing a German POW commandant. He also played the role of a Nazi judge in "Judgment at Nuremberg." I guess having a bit of a German accent helped, and any work is good work in the acting business. He agreed to play the bumbling Colonel Klink on the condition that he would be a fool that never succeeded, and he played it to perfection. Klink was known for being gullible, and for his horrible violin playing (mocking Klemperer's own gift on the instrument). For the role that puts him on the hero podium, he was nominated for six Emmys, and won twice. After "Heroes" he went on to a fairly decent career on stage, and a few guest spots on TV, even recording a few studio tracks of his violin playing. But, for playing the bumbling Colonel Klink to absolute perfection, Werner Klemperer (March 22nd, 1920-December 6th, 2000, at the age of 80), you are my (208th) hero of the day.

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