Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Does Northern Count

Today is St. Patrick's Day, big whoop as far as I am concerned, but a lot of people are suddenly wearing the green, and Irish. If they only knew. I can not say that I am a big fan of the Emerald Isle or its inhabitants, but it seems a lot of people are. I did manage to find an Irish hero, well sort of he is Northern Irish, and that will have to be enough. His name is Patrick James Rice born this day 1949, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His claim on the hero podium is quite simple, it is for the 379 times he donned an Arsenal jersey and the 12 goals he scored while playing right back for the (my) club. He was the first choice right back for the club for the decade of the 1970's, and played every game they had for 3 different seasons. Including the youth and reserve team games Rice played 528 games for the club. Not bad for the son of an bloody Irish son of a greengrocer. After leaving Arsenal, he went to play over a hundred games for Watford. He became a youth coach for Arsenal in 1984, and remained in that position for 12 years. leading the team to two FA Youth Cup titles. He has been Arsene Wegner's number two since the day that Wegner took over at Arsenal, and has done a fine job. So, before any Irish cunts make an issue of it, I know enough Irish history to know that a Northern Irishman does not count. The orange do not wear the green. However, for those 500 odd games for the Arsenal, and for being a damn fine coach James Patrick Rice (March 17th 1949-present), you are my (203rd) hero of the day.

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