Thursday, December 17, 2009


Another zero hero day today dear readers, as the list of birthdays did not yield the desired result. There were a couple of close calls, and a couple of people (Sir Humphry Davy and Jules de Goncourt) that came very, very close to hero status, but I must confess to only knowing the bare minimum about Davy's scientific work, which was quite considerable, but seems to have been left off of the curriculum at my institute of higher learning. I did manage, a couple of years ago, to read the journals of de Goncourt, and his brother Edward, and they are fantastic reading. A bit like a gossip column for 19th century French culture, and the prize for the best, and most imaginative prose of the year (in France) bears the brothers name. However, I can not read French well enough to read imaginative prose in the native language, and I feel that a lot is usually lost in translation. Those were the two nearly men for today, and neither one of them quite managed to crawl all the way up, and perch unwaveringly on the hero pedestal that I have created. Therefore, it is with some sadness, but with the hero for tomorrow already chosen, that I have to inform you that for today, there is no hero of the day.

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