Sunday, December 06, 2009

December Stinks

December seems to be just a useless fucking month. More days without heroes than days we have heroes. It has gotten rather cold in my town (which I usually like), and of course there again was the thousand or so mental defectives running some idiot marathon on all the major streets of my town (see last years post). I can only hope the cold snap managed to kill a couple of those "runners" during their little jaunt that made driving anywhere in town virtually impossible. However the cold has also sent my house into its usual winter activity of being ten degrees too cold downstairs, and ten degrees too hot upstairs. It just plays hell with my electric bill, and my confront. There was one possible hero of the day a fellow by the name of Tim Cahill a soccer play for Everton who scored the game tying goal today against Tottenham (whom I detest), but Mr. Cahill is an Aussie, and I am pretty convinced that almost all Aussies are cunts. Therefore, I just could not make an Aussie cunt my hero of the day. I know it is horrible to pigeon hole an entire country of people based upon such a small sample, but the facts are the facts. So I sit here in the cold downstairs of the shit hole I call home, and ponder if maybe March is just not a good month for getting knocked up. If December keeps failing on the hero front, I might have to start expanding my search. Either way it is with frozen fingers, and the usual regret that I have to inform that for today we are hero less.

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