Friday, December 11, 2009

Il conformista

The serious looking fellow above is one Jean-Louis Trintignant our 112nd hero of the day. M. Trintignat was born this day 1930 in Piolenc, France. The son of a wealthy industrialist, his claim to hero status is based (mostly) upon the role he is playing in the above picture. At 20 he moved to Paris to pursue his dream of acting, and got his first big role in 1956's And God created Woman opposite Bridget Bardot. Not a bad way to start a career. It is his role as the magistrate in the move "Z" that first drew my attention to his skill. His other roles that I think are fantastic are in "The Conformist," and in the movie "Three Colors: Red." Those roles, and his consummate acting skill are why he has climbed to the top of the hero pole for today. His talent is undeniable, but it also helped that his competition was a bit on the light said as well. It also helps that he just fits my bill as being the star of many of those odd black and white French films that I had a "phase" of watching a couple of years ago. So, for those roles, and for that skill in acting that I only wish I had, Jean-Louis Trintignant (December 11th, 1930-present), you are my hero of the day.

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