Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The No-Name

This hero is going to be hard to describe, and this post might be all too brief. The hero in question goes by the name of K. J. Parker, but that is not her (at least I think it is a her) real name. There are even arguments to be made that she is a he. I wouldn't be overly surprised it K.J. Parker is both a he and a she. No, I don't mean that he/she is some freak of nature with both man and woman parts, but a pair of writers, writing in tandem each taking certain sections of the book(s) published under Parker's name. The only thing I am certain of is that Parker is English, and even of that I am not entirely certain. A good "cover" can be a joy to behold, and Parker has fashioned a damn fine cover for him/herself.

The major reason I think this is simple, there are parts of Parker's books that just simply must have been written by a man, and I am not being some sexist pig. There are also great portions of it that simply had to have been written by a women, at least in my opinion. I once knew a fairly bright person that said Shakespeare must be a woman, because of the depth of his understanding of a woman's emotions. I feel that way in reverse about Parker, some of the technical stuff seems to be something that only a man would ever care to try and learn. And, if Parker is a woman, then she is a fucking brilliant one with the patience of Job, and a mind like a steel trap. I repeat I mean no offense at saying that I think this way, it is just my opinion, and I hopefully won't get sued for slander (is it slander to call someone a man?).

Either way, man, woman, ape, or child Parker's books are fantastic. I read his/her Scavenger Trilogy quite a while ago, and have the feeling I need to read it again. I read it during (another) time of insomnia, and it inspired one of the best blog post that I think I have ever written. Of course, that isn't saying a whole lot, but at least it was good for me. So, for all of those brilliant books, that I enjoyed so much K. J. Parker (???-present), you are my (356th) hero of the day.

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Jared said...

Well done. Parker is my favorite right now - devouring all of his/her books like candy (depressing, well-written, wonderful, wonderful candy).

If my life depended on it, I'd say... male? But I might as well toss a coin.