Sunday, August 01, 2010


Somewhere in the picture above picture is our hero of this day (or night rather). He is Morpheus, and not the character in the Matrix. Our body, or girl, or whatever form it decides to take, is the Greek god of dreams. Some sources say his mother is Nyx, the goddess of the night, other sources have him as the son of Hypnos the god of sleep. He counts among his siblings Phantasos and Phobetor. Each of these tricky bastards have a different function in our dreams. Phantasos produces tricky, or unreal dreams, hence the term "fantasy." Phobetor produces the nightmares (the term phobia, i.e. fear is eventually taken from his name). This leaves our hero Morpheus with the ability to take any human form in dreams.

The reason that I singled out Morpheus, although maybe his brothers are co-heroes of the day, is that I haven't seen much of him in any form in a couple of days. I fear that I am embarking on another journey through the insomniac world, similar to the one I took about two years ago. That journey was a whole lot of no fun, and produced some really weird post, so brace yourself dear readers this could get ugly quickly.

Either way our boy Morpheus is given special ability to shape dreams, and it is his talent to be able to take any human form in a dream. So, in theory, any human being that you (if you are lucky enough to sleep, AND dream), encounter in your dreams (as you are drooling the drool of remorse into the pillow of regret) is Morpheus.

Another reason that Morpheus takes hero status over his siblings is that he was given the special task of overseeing the dreams of heroes, and kings. So again, in theory, all the heroes that I have posted about are having special Morpheus led dreams. Lucky them, at least they are dreaming, which to some is the point of sleeping. Personally, I would take some good old fashioned dreamless sleep right now, and count myself lucky. I long to see Morpheus, and if this sleeplessness continues I might even start to long for his mean brother, Phobetor to make an appearance. Even if it means having a nightmare or three. Because you can't have a good nightmare without first being asleep.

Of course, if I knew a doctor willing enough, I could get some sort of derivative of the drug morphine since the "discoverer" of that drug gave it that name based upon it effects on people (i.e. sleepy and relaxed). Morpheus is probably seen a lot by people taking that drug that he lent his name to, but I am, sadly, unlikely to get anything so exciting to get myself to sleep. Also, I am not a big fan of taking things just to get to sleep. I figure that the god of sleep should be doing his job as well. I mean after all these god fellow are supposed to work in tandem right? Either way, for that ability to shape dreams of heroes, kings, and even fools like me, Morpheus (????-present??), you are my (346th) hero of the day.

Please find me in order to collect your award, I shall be tossing and turning in bed anxiously awaiting your appearance. And, yes I did just invite a god to come to bed with me, I would prefer he comes as a goddess, but beggars can't be choosers.

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