Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bond # 5

The laughing fellow above is one Pierce Brosnan born this day 1953 in Drogheda, Ireland. Born the son of a carpenter and a nurse he had a rough childhood. His father left the family when Brosnan was an infant, and his mother moved to England to work as a nurse, leaving young Pierce to be raised by his grandparents. Upon their death he was shifted to an aunt, then to a friend of the family. He describes his childhood as solitary, and his education, by some group called Christian Brothers as "dreadful." After moving to London to be with his mother and her new husband, he left school at 16 to be a commercial illustrator. He moved from job to job, and even spent some time busking in the circus, until he found his way to the London Drama Centre. He had some success, and the older women amongst us will remember him as Remington Steele, but it was as his role as James Bond (the fifth actor to assume the mantle of the secret agent) that puts him on our hero podium for today. He played the role in four films, and was a massive improvement over his predecessor, Timothy Dalton. He retired from the role in 2004, I suspect because of his age, and Daniel Craig took over. He had a wonderful role in "The Matador" which is an awesome film, and you should check it out. He is a dedicated environmentalist had donated money, and supported many caused that are trying to make the world a better place. Good for him, and another reason for his hero status. So, for rescuing James Bond from the horror that was Timothy Dalton, and being a solid citizen of the world, Pierce Brosnan (May 16th, 1953-present) you are my (265th) hero of the day.

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