Sunday, May 30, 2010

I say

A quick calculation has led me to the horrid realization that I will be somewhere between 10-15 heroes short by the time end of the year for this little project. So, I figure since I know I have heroes enough I needed to double up a few days. As I mentioned in the previous post, Mr. Blanc voiced a few characters that would be on this list, and I decided in further tribute to him to add one of those characters that I enjoyed watching so much as a child. The cocky fellow above is one Foghorn J. Leghorn, first voiced by Mr. Blanc on August 31st, 1946, but as I have all the power to decided "birthdays" we are going to celebrate Foghorn's birthday on the same day as that of the fellow who gave him his voice. A leghorn is a breed of chicken, and "Foghorn" describes his manner of speaking, loud that is. In all he appeared in 28 cartoons during the "Golden Age of Animation" all were directed by the fellow who created him, one Robert McKimson. His usual nemesis is a dog known at first as George P. Dog, but also referred to as "The Barnyard Dawg." Their rivalry was not always won by Foghorn, and sometime the dog got the better of him. Foghorn has a pronounced Kentucky accent, and one of his more famous lines is "That a joke, I say, that's a joke son" delivered in his good old boy fashion. He also seems to be fond of the song "Camptown Races" humming in on occasion when he was about to unleash a prank on the dog. He is also hunted by a very small chicken hawk named Henery Hawk, who was going to "get him that chicken." This gag was made all the more humorous by the fact that Henery was about 1/50th Foghorn's size. So, for providing me hours of entertainment all those years ago, Foghorn J. Leghorn (August 31st, 1946-present) you are my (278th) hero of the day.

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