Monday, April 12, 2010

Toy Planes

The fellow above is one Hardy Kruger, born this day 1928 in Berlin, Germany. He spent some time fighting in World War II, although he was not a Nazi. He made several films in both English and German, and has been an actor for over forty years. However, it is for just one role that he makes it onto the hero podium. That is of the Engineer Dorfmann in 1965's "Flight of the Phoenix." It was that movie with James Stewart, and an All-Star cast that makes Kruger our hero on what is a very light day in the hero world. The tension between Stewart and Kruger drives the film, and it is a wonderful film, and I highly recommend it over the shitty ass remake done about five years ago. He made a ton of other films, but I confess I have not seen one second of any of them, but for that one role played with verve, and genius, Hardy Kruger (April 12th, 1928-present), you are my (231st) hero of the day.

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