Wednesday, April 07, 2010


The serious looking fellow above is one Will Keith Kellogg born this day 1860 in Battle Creek, Michigan. His claim to fame is fairly simple, and you, or someone you know probably enjoy his contribution to society on a daily basis. It was he and his brother, John Kellogg that came up with the process of making flaked cereal (a process that a fellow by the name of Post borrowed/copied/stole, and then went on to found General Foods). This upset Mr. Kellogg so much that he created his own company, known as the Kellogg Company, and I pretty sure most of us have enjoyed a bowl or two of corn flakes. For that big idea he is today's hero, but he was always that rarest of birds, a truly generous wealthy man. He started the Kellogg Foundation in 1930, during the Great Depression, and eventually contributed over 60 million bucks to it. Also during the Great Depression, he directed his plant to work four shifts of six hours each, which allowed more people in the town to work. This was a time when work, any work was precious, and his idea probably kept a few people body and soul together. So for making some fantastic cereals that millions of us enjoy on a daily basis, and being a generous fellow Will Keith Kellogg (April 7th 1860-October 6th, 1951, at the age of 91), you are my (226th) hero of the day.

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