Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Springtime For Hitler

Today is two things, other than nearly over, first, it is 4/20, and pot smokers over the world are, I am sure, quite baked already. I am pretty sure that they have been baked all day, I would imagine that there has been a run on your local quickie mart, and the place is probably sold out of Cheetos by now. Considering my current employment, I do not get baked myself, but I probably know a few people who do. I will probably even see a couple of those baked fellows tomorrow, but it will be in far different surroundings that they would wish for. So, pot smokers of the world unite! Cast off your job, and sit on the couch in your Underdog undies, and play video games until the wee hours of the morning. Just make sure you don't get too high, and try to drive out to the club. No one wants to see your blurry eyed, goofy ass. Secondly, today is Hitler's birthday. No something that you would (anyone would) care to celebrate, and the world would be a better place if he had not been born. I know my history, and I realize what a horrid person he was, and that the Neo-Nazi skinheads of the world are just fucking retarded. Perhaps my project for next year will be a villain of the day, a person without whom the world would have been, in my opinion, a better place. I hesitate to commit myself to such a project, but it would be a logical counterbalance to the hero posts. Of course, the only thing that I have been thinking about today in the context of heroes is the damn song "Springtime for Hitler" from "The Producers." That is what not enough sleep, and an over developed sense of the absurd will do for you, it will have you swanning around your workplace belting out show tunes about Hitler because it is his birthday, and you think it is funny. Your co-workers odd stares be damned. Either way, if any of you care to, feel free to post your thoughts on my villain of the day idea, because it is, with regret, that I must inform you that, for today April 20th, there is no hero of the day.

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the girl in the snow land said...

are there the many villains? but maybe... at least villains in your opinion?!

Mother Nature first I suppose?