Friday, January 01, 2010

Time Travel

Today we are taking a trip back into time, mainly because time is a problem I have suffered for the last week. Being off the company time clock, and on vacation in Vienna, where they charged me by the hour for any internet time, has led me to missing a couple of hero posts. Not that it is any excuse, the price for time, but I was also 7 hours ahead "in" time from my usual time zone. Now that I am back in the lovely time zone in which I live, I am still confused as to what time it actually is. Twenty some odd hours of traveling, three flights in one day, and going deaf in one ear for about 4 hours, has left me with a very loose grasp on what time it is. Either way, the fellow above is one Denzel Washington born this day (December 28th, 1954, that is), Mount Vernon, New York. He has managed to win two Academy Awards during his fairly long career, and for a black actor that is making a mark to be emulated by future generations of aspiring black actors. However his hero status (for me) rests on one performance. That of the rogue cop in "Training Day." One line in particular is the crux of hero-ness. It is "it is not what you know, but what you can prove." A silly line in someways, and one that he did not come up on his own. It is still a good line, and one that I have stolen with much aplomb in my line of work. Silly it might be, but it still is an effective line, and it has worked on the occasions that I have used it. It is silly, but it is true, there have been many times I "knew" something for certain, but was unable to prove it, and thus my "case" died a quick, painful death. Sometimes it just takes one line to rise to hero status, and our boy Denzel (besides being one handsome fellow), is an example of that. So, for that one line Denzel Washington (December 28th, 1954-present), you are my hero of the day (for December 28th).

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