Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today is another barren day in the forest of heroes. No man, woman, child, or character made it onto the hero podium for this day in my own version of history. So today the hero is words. "Words are no longer adequate for today's reality." I am quoting a fellow by the name of Gregor von Rezzori, and he wrote that group of words over 30 years ago. I have to agree with his view point, which I believe is even more true today than when he wrote them. Think of the last movie you saw, now try to put that things you SAW in that movie into words. You do not have to use fancy five dollar words if you do not want to. Just use simple words, descriptive words. It may be that you are describing the food fight scene in Animal House, what colours are there? What are the people wearing? How big is the room? Put that scene into words, not images. Images are easy, pictures are worth a thousand words they say. "They" might just be right, how much easier is it to go and watch Pickpocket than is it to read "Crime and Punishment"? A movie is two hours at best, a book if you are a quick read, and depending on the length can be a week or so. If you are a slow reader, or if you are busy, or if you like to savor a good book like a fine meal, you take your time with it rather that just ripping through the pages like you are wolfing down a bowl of cornflakes. Some books are like that you know, some books need to be slowly digested, and mulled around about in the mind before you move onto the next book in your ever growing "to be read" stack. How much easier is it to shove in a DVD or to DVR a movie, pop some popcorn, and get settled in your ass groove on the couch and watch the movie? Easier on the eyes maybe. Easier on the wallet maybe, easier on the mind certainly. But still we need some words, unless it is a silent movie, the actors are still going to use words, but they can use those words to drive the "plot" (if in a rare occasion, one of today's movies actually has a plot). So very much can be "shown" on screen that requires not one single word to be written. Emotions on some starlet's face, or that same starlet's tits can just be shown for a few brief seconds and everyone of the male species is suddenly really paying attention. Reading about emotions flitting across someones face, or reading a description of a nice pair of knockers (no matter how well written) just is not as easy, or as much fun right? I am as big a fan of hooters as the next guy, but I feel that so very much is lost in this visual culture that I find myself dropped into. Do not get me wrong some movies are fantastic ( I find the older the movie generally the better, plot is your friend), some movies can make you think, and some make you want to "read the book". And you should read the book, read Von Rezzori he is fantastic let him show you his world with his words, and see if you like it. Who knows you might like it enough to start trying to use words yourself, and not just in a text message.


Lindsay said...

Just to save you this trouble in March, my birthday is the 30th. :^)

tideliar said...

Bravo! My new favourite post!