Sunday, August 23, 2009

Water, water everywhere

The fellow above is one Thales, Greek philosopher born around 625 B.C. in the Greek city of Milteus. Thales exact date of birth is unknown, and therefore, I have unilaterally decided that today is the day we should celebrate his birth. Rather arbitrary of me, and I have absolutely no authority to proclaim this day as Thales' birthday, but I am doing it anyway. Since today's crop of heroes was deficient, at least in my opinion, I decided to shoehorn Thales into today's slot. A lot of what we "know" about Thales is second hand, and some of it is not trustworthy. He supposedly dabbled in a lot of different things, and made contributions in several different fields. I must confess a lot of what this bugger did sails over my hungover head. The one thing that I remember about Thales from my philosophy classes all those years ago is that he opined that the world was created from water, and that all things were basically able to be traced back to water. Anyone who has, like myself this morning, woken up with a massive hangover, and a parched throat, can relate to Thales' ideas about water. It seems that last night some bastard put too much beer in my water, and today I have been drinking massive amounts of the pure stuff to try to get some sort of balance back to my day. Thales came up with all sort of other brilliant ideas, and put a lot of thought into the nature of the universe. All that crap that philosophers without Direct TV have time to do, you know the important shit that you have to learn, and promptly forget the day after your exam. I must confess to only a limited knowledge and understanding of the majority of Thales' ideas, but the water thing I am fully on board with. For that one brilliant idea (among all the others ones) that I am able to grasp, and agree with, Thales (ca 625 B.C.- ca 547 B.C. of causes unknown to me), you are my hero of the day.

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