Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hero of the Day

Sorry to steal a line from Metallica, and I am sure that Danish bastard Lars will find out about it and sue my pants off, but too bad. I have a project in mind, and it is to find a hero of the day. There are around 6 billion people alive on the planet right now, and untold billions have came before us. I need 366 heroes, one for everyday of a normal year, and a back up for the crazy leap year(s). I figure that there has to be 366 people that I can safely attach the label "hero" to, and not feel like I am off base. Granted I want them to be my heroes, not necessarily generally acclaimed heroes. So Abraham Lincoln need not apply, nor Oliver Cromwell. I want my heroes to be people that I would admire, or at least be able to stand for 5 consecutive minutes if I was in an elevator with them. The idea for this project is that for each day of the year I will post (I hope) a little blurb about the hero of the day. This is going to be a lot of work, and feel free to write in your own suggestions. Just be aware they are MY heroes, and I hold them dear. I will select my hero of the day on their birthday just to make it tougher on myself. I figure it is, in theory at least, better to celebrate the hero's birth rather than their death, no matter how noble it might have been. I would suspect that the majority of my heroes might be dead, but at least dead heroes can no longer screw up their hero status. Also, having the benefits of a classical education, might make my hero bandwidth a bit narrow, but I will try to venture far afield to find people that I can at least find something heroic about. Of course this idea seemed much cooler last night when I thought it up than it does in the harsh glare of this morning as I realize that this hero of the day crap is going to be a lot of work.


chall said...

finding 366 people for heros to start with sounds a lot... finding 366 with different birthdays?

I mean, I can think of a "double day" already ;)
(but I guess both might not be heros per se so that would solve things)

chall said...

I guess what I wanted to say was "Good luck" :) And I look forward reading them.