Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Mad King of Bavaria

The gaudily dressed fellow above is one Ludwig II of Bavaria born this day 1845, in Munich, Germany. Ludwig was a bit of an odd duck, who had curious relationships with his parents, he referred to his mother as "my predecessor's consort." Never really close to his father either, part of his later odd behaviour is blamed on the strict regime his tutors put him through as the heir to the throne. He ascended to that throne at the age of 18, and was perhaps a bit under prepared for the whole being King business. After all, think back to your 18th birthday, do you think you could even balance your own checkbook? Certainly I was not prepared to rule a kingdom at 18, and I am quite sure old Ludwig II felt the same way. Caught on the wrong side (on occasion) of German politics Ludwig had to relent to the idea of a unified Germany. Unified, of course, by Prussia by the Iron Chancellor himself, Otto von Bismarck. Ludwig was famous as an "eccentric," meaning he was an oddball that people whispered about at parties. He wasn't too keen on that whole day to day governing shit, and I can't says that I blame him. That is what underlings are for right? He did build some of the most fantastic castles in the world, the upper right picture is a great example of one. Declared "mad" by a group of doctors who had never even met him, Ludwig was deposed in June of 1886. One of them, Dr. Bernhard von Gudden, was found dead along with Mad King Ludwig II, on June 13th, 1886, under circumstances that have never been fully explained, but for building such lovely castles in the air, and showing that oddballs can get to the top, even if it is by the accident of birth, Ludwig II of Bavaria (August 25th, 1845- June 13th, 1886 by "drowning"), you are my hero of the day.


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chall said...

he will always be remembered by me as "the person inspiring what a true castle should look like".

(ok, inspired the Disney ones too...)


The Grand Inquisitor said...