Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Birds

Today's hero is our laughing boy above one Alfred Hitchcock. Well known director, and a man whose imagination could conjure up things to scare the piss out of people world wide. He remains the rest that every time I see a flock of birds, or just one determined bird that appears to be swooping in my direction causes a moment of panic on my part. Though I know it is irrational (as are most fears) birds still sometime freak me out. His films are so good that it makes me want to watch Carey Grant, and I am in no way a fan of Carey Grant, but with Hitchcock directing you can almost forget you are admiring Carey Grant as an actor. Of course, Hitchcock did have the great good sense to cast Ingrid Bergman in a couple of films, and you can't go wrong with Swedish beauties can you? Even no talent bums are helped by having a brilliant Swedish actress to direct, and Hitchcock had enough talent for three people. All in all, quite a hero, especially if you like black and white films from back in the day, of which I happen to be a huge fan. Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, (13 August 1899 – 29 April 1980 of renal failure), my hero of the day.

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Lindsay said...

Rope is my favorite of his films. The man was a genius.