Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Much like the image above, many things in my life have lost focus. Certain important things, and several things that I feel only seem important have become a bit blurry about the edges. This blog for one, when I was blathering on about my heroes, and forcing myself to post once a day (regardless of quality), I had a focus, a purpose, a reason for continuing it. Now, that the year of heroes has passed, I find myself struggling for topics, I am finding it increasingly difficult to motivate myself to post anything.

I read a few other blogs, not many, but a few. Most of them are quite good, and I enjoy reading them. However, there is one that I read on occasion that I LOATHE. No, I am not going to "name names" and I am pretty sure the writer of the blog in question has NO idea how much I loathe their blog. Part of the reason is that the blogger is a whiny douche bag, and just needs to grow the fuck up, but the other part, the main part, is that the blogger recycles themselves over and over again. As far as I can tell, in my limited reading of their blog, this person writes what is functionally the same fucking post over and over and over again. Nothing new, or different is being said in the most recent post that wasn't said in a post from 4 years ago.

The sad part, if there is a sad part, is that you can sort of tell the blogger has at least some talent, but they are so focused (like a laser) into making their whiny point that they don't realize, or as I suspect, don't care that they are just merely repeating themselves using slightly different words. It grates on the nerves to the nth degree, and, as is my right, I now rarely check the blog in question. Maybe the person has no clue as to the rut they are in, or maybe they don't think they are in one, but it is particularly frustrating to a reader to read the same thing repeatedly (there is a John Grisham joke here, but I don't wish to slander anyone). I guess it is a bit like opening a Xmas present, and getting socks, again for about the 7th year running. It is also an insult to that person's readers (and it appears they have quite a few), to ask your readers to come to your blog, when just having a blog can be seen as the height of arrogance, and then have them be subjected to page after page of the same drivel, is just rude.

This is the trap I am trying so very hard to avoid, and it (and a large streak of laziness) are two the main causes for the dearth of recent posts. Even writing this post, I realize there are probably at least two, or three previous posts of mine that come dangerously close to being this post in different words. "Old wine, in a new bottle" is not something I, nor I suspect my vast readership, is interested in reading. It is a struggle, and I have the handicaps of being lazy (as I mentioned before), and not particularly talented (as is clear by reading the blog). These are tall obstacles in my way, and I am not a high jumper, so it might go badly, or a fit of inspiration might be waiting just around the corner. Petrarch had his Laura, and Robert Herrick had his Julia, but, no offense ladies, I would prefer a more broader source of inspiration (and I am not making a fat girl joke here).

I don't know where, or if that inspiration will come, but I can sit here and wait expectantly for it to arrive. The good news is that this post, when i planned it out in my head, had an entirely different focus, and was going to be completely different. So, at least I now have at least a vague idea for at least one more post. I am sure that will be a cause for celebration amongst my aforementioned vast readership.

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Cynnie said...

well arent you a snob ?
maybe we shitty bloggers just like having something to whine on so our friends and loved ones dont punch us in the face ..yanno?

and if its not my sad excuse for a blog ...where is it ? I love critiquing shit :)