Sunday, June 20, 2010


The lovely lady above is one Nicole Kidman, born this day 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The accent and the nationality usually associated with her, come from the fact that both her parents are Aussies, and she moved back to Australia at the age of four. To be honest most of her films don't do much for me. Other than the fact that she is in them, I doubt I would have watched too many of them. Although clearly I am in the minority because her films have grossed over 2 billions dollars, with 17 of them raking in over 100 million each. I did like a couple of them, but certainly her appearance in them helped a whole lot. It is a purely "man pick" that gets her on our hero(ine) podium for today. I think she fucking gorgeous, and I once told a girl whom I was err being intimate with to "shut up I was pretending she was Nicole Kidman." Not the wisest move, but I was not entirely in control of my faculties at that particular moment. Needless to say that relationship did not progress much further. She has managed to win an Academy Award, and many other lesser awards along the way, so I figure my opinion on many of her films must be wrong. It isn't that I don't think she has a load of acting talent, it is just that, for me, all she really has to do is stand there and exist. I never claimed not to be (most of the time) a brainless, shallow man. I fear that as age catches up to me and her, that my brainlessness will only increase, and I will be going to more of her films just to watch her on screen. Plot, and all that stuff probably won't be too necessary. One day she will dump husband number two, and run off to some tropical island with me, of this I am certain. But, until then just for being tall, gorgeous, and redheaded Nicole Kidman (June 20th, 1967-present), you are my (299th) hero(ine) of the day. And, yes I understand the irony of having Blaise Pascal my hero one day, and Nicole Kidman the next, but I say again it is my choice, and I never said that the tomato route was above me.

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