Monday, June 07, 2010

The Question

The question that struck me today after I finished my daily post was "what happens when I finish?" I looked at my blog page and realized that during my little hero of the day parade there have been months were I wrote almost as many blog posts as I had in the previous year, or the year before that. My previous high in output had been 43 posts, 43 in a whole year! Last month alone I did 38, so I begin to wonder what happens when I don't have the daily hero of the day? Not that I think too many people read, and/or care about it. I am pretty sure today's Hungarian communist did not stir the passions of too many people, and I am fairly certain that I can count my readers on one hand.

Of course, that isn't really the point of the blog. It was a way for my to express myself, however badly. A way for me to step out of my life so boring, and force myself to attempt to commit and to create something on a daily basis. We are fast approaching the four year anniversary of this blog, and soon after that the year of the hero will come to an end as well. These dates fill me with both excitement and dread. Excitement because I can not believe I stuck to blogging for four whole years, and I can not believe that (when I finish it) I will have written 366 blog posts in a year. Dread because I am faced with the question "now what?" I have toyed with my villain of the day idea, but I am not sure that a whole year of that would be significantly different from my hero of the day concept. Dread because I will miss the challenge of finding someone, or something to make heroic on a daily basis. Sure, a lot of my writing is just biographical stuff lifted from other websites, and not overly original, but the idea was sound, and the reason that the hero is a hero is solely my own. They are, for good or bad, MY heroes, for my reasons alone. Certainly a great number of them are worthy of being other peoples heroes as well, but I doubt you would find many people so wildly in love with Pleasant Colony.

A few of the brave souls that do read these pages have told me that I write really well, and that they can hear my voice when they read my writings. Both of those comments (if they are true) are high praise, and wholly undeserved. I am uber critical of my writing, and am self-aware enough to know that grammar and I are not particularly close friends. One of the first posts I ever wrote (I cringe when I go back and read it now) was about finding my voice. I suppose that if people read what I write, and hear my voice whilst they are reading, then I have accomplished that goal. I have found my voice, but in the spirit of be careful of what you wish for, I am now wondering (after this hero thing wraps up) what the hell I am going to say next?

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