Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hang em High McCoy

The righteous fellow above is one Sam Waterston, born this day 1940 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Born to painter mother, and a Scot immigrant father, our boy Sam managed to attend Yale on a scholarship. Graduating in 1962. He is a classically trained actor, and has several stage roles to his credit, but it as Hang 'em High Jack McCoy that he is best known. He has appeared in numerous other TV, movies, and stage roles, but Law and Order is what makes him the hero of the day. Considering that when I tell people what I do, I often get the "ohh so you are like Jack McCoy" response (nothing is further from the truth), I have decided to embrace good old Jack. After all, love him or hate him, the man has his principles, and principles are important things to have in our jobs. I have to give Mr. Waterston credit, he makes my job look like it is a lot more important, and a lot more fun than it actually is, and his writers have, on occasion, wrote some fine closing arguments that I might have referenced in my own situation before. He has his convictions, but in order to get convictions he does blur the ethical line, and that rarely happens in real life. Real life very rarely makes good Television, and certainly does not conform to one hour time slot, so I guess we need to cut McCoy some slack. Not only is Sam one fine actor playing a fine role, he is a genuine humanitarian. He donates considerable time to groups that are truly dedicated to making the planet a better place, and he seems to be doing it because he actually cares, and not as some judicially ordered community service. So for playing a role on TV, that I get to try to mimic in real life, and being a stand up guy, Sam Waterston (November 15th, 1940-present), you are my hero of the day.


Lindsay said...

Sam went to my high school and his daughter, Elizabeth, was a year ahead of me there. He's dreamy.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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