Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Your Untouchable Face

The super sexy woman above is on Ani DeFranco born this day 1970, in Buffalo, New York. She is a fitting heroine for today since she claims to be bisexual, and today for some odd reason, it is Celebrate Bisexuality Day. Woo Hoo. How convenient is that? Although she has been married not once, but twice, and even has a daughter born after she presumably got knocked up the old fashion way, Ani does claim to be a switch hitter, and has written "love" songs to/about people of both genders. Granted, all of her music is not my general type, but she has written some lovely tunes that I even paid to download. I am not sure if this might revoke my "man card" or not. While I can put together a room, and like listening to Ani's music I am still a man damn it, and no I don't wear yellow in public. I just am in touch, so to speak, with my inner lesbian, and Ani helps soothe that part of me that sits up with a pint of ice cream, a box of tissues, and the Lifetime Movie Network. Not that there is anything wrong with that. One song of hers is one of my particular favourites. A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away a girlfriend of the moment called into a radio station and requested Ani's "Your Untouchable Face" and even had them "dedicate" it to me. Go and have a listen to it, or if you can't at least read the lyrics. It is not a love song in the strictest sense of the word, but I was still touched. So, for all her great little tunes that make being dicked over in love feel almost pleasant, Ani Defranco (September 23rd, 1970-present), you are my heroine of the day.

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Lindsay said...

Yay! Impressed with your first non-actress heroine. Love her, love the lyrics to that song and don't believe for a second that you have ever sat up with tissues, ice cream and the Lifetime Network. Not for a nanosecond.