Monday, December 18, 2006

A Plea

No this is not a guilty plea, I will save that for when I really need it. This is a plea from a life long agnostic to be allowed to live in peace. Obviously, Christmas is not a big time in the life of an agnostic for several reasons. People try to say that Christmas is not all about religion, but about other things. Well, news flash people! It is supposed to be the "birthday" of your saviour. For fuck's sake how more religious can you get? Even if all this gift giving crap is not based on religion, I have another problem with it. I am a minimalist, I am not a huge fan of "stuff" the majority of the things I "own" are books. Lucky for me I can afford to buy my own books, in fact I have about 25 books in my possession that I have not read yet. I am pretty set for books. Any other gift I do not need. You know why I can say I do not need it? Because I do not already have it. If I need it I buy it. I do not like getting gifts. I certainly do not celebrate Christmas as either a religious or economic holiday. All I ask is for some of this so-called Christian understanding and love crap. After all, I have been in churches (usually against my will), and respectfully bowed my head at "prayer" time. I did not cause a scene, or jump up and start disputing the bible with the Christian in charge. All I ask, and it seems to be too much to ask, is for the same respect. I respect (though sometimes mock) your beliefs. I am not a convert them or fuck them type of agnostic. Believe what you want, the fact that you are wrong (in my opinion) should not dissuade you from holding your beliefs. If it does then you were not that serious in the first place. All I want is similar respect. I do not believe in god, do not take it personally, I probably do not believe too much in you. I do not ask you to share, understand, or convert to my way of thinking. Please do not expect or ask me to throw away 25 years of solid thinking on this subject just so I can get a fucking gift that I did not want or need.

P.S. If you insist on trying to give me a gift which makes me unhappy and is borderline disrespectful, give money to a charity in my name (I suggest Amnesty International), that way you can take a tax deduction.


Lindsay said...

See, now I feel guilty. I'm sorry! I promise to never again comment about Christmas and whether or not you should graciously accept presents. And I also promise never to give you a present for Christmas. I'm thinking you never want another present for any occasion and that's ok with me, too. :^) Again, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be disrespectful in any way.

Cynnie said...

Oh christ..most people mean no fucking harm when they give presents!..
just smile and accept!

I personally am catholic..and while not SUPER cath..I do believe..
But i refuse to partake in xmas stuff..
I hate being forced to buy stupid things for people that dont really want or need it .

Folks usually learn to stop buying me anything ..cause I AM NOT going to get them anything..( and most people want a return present ..ya know ?)
In the future..anyone want to buy something for me for xmas..

Pay one of my bills ..

I don't need a vibratey foot thingy