Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Black Sheep

Though I would like to claim to be the only black sheep in my family, I fear that it isn't a completely true statement. After all, I had uncles that spent some time in the cozy dens of the state's custody. However, I suppose intellectually I do take honours for being the black sheep. I am the family's unknown boy, the one who ran off to the big city, and never came back. I do not plan on going back home again to rest. I do not plan on going home again at all. I suppose that the bright lights have seduced me beyond repair. I explained to my family that if they loved me they would let me live in peace to try understand that my time in the area in which all of them live has come to an end. They do struggle to comprehend why I would not want to come rushing back into the fold. This obstinate behaviour of mine has lead to some tension in the past, but I think/hope that they have come to peace with my decision. Besides, in this big city with the bright lights and big dreams is full of girls with faces fair that see the shine in the black sheep. Why on earth would I want to give that up? Even the black sheep can sometimes wear the golden fleece, and win a hand or two in the game of life.


challenge said...

It is always that thing with choices... As if you were telling them that their chocies were wrong since you do not confirm them and make the same ones.

(The same thing is true for friends as well...) Indeed a tricky thing.
On the other hand, I like the lights and have a feeling they lured me in in an early age.... golden fleece in deed :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going pretty well for you... I would dare say this was a positive post. :-)

Cynnie said...

I'm not the black sheep of the family,..I'm the brown sheep.

Thank god for my older sister Donna ..
she makes me seem perfectly ordinary.

And I'm shocked that you dumped me ( my link at least)..how's that ?