Friday, April 20, 2012

The Doctor Lies

The image above is of Matt Smith playing the 11th incarnation of Dr. Who, a classical British science fiction series that goes back to 1963.  'Someone I used to know' turned me on to watching the (rebooted) Doctor, and for that I will be forever grateful.  However, they also forced me to watch all 88 episodes of 30 Rock as well, so I am not THAT grateful (I am a comedy snob, I hated the show). Either way, I guess I still came out ahead in the bargain, because now I can watch all the Dr. Who I want.  M. Smith is the 11th doctor, and is the first one that I saw play the part. Like most things in my life I seem to start at the wrong end, and work my way backwards.

There is a expression connected to the show that states 'you'll always remember your first doctor'. I have found that to be true, I have gone back and watched some of the 9th and 10th doctor's but I (unlike some) prefer number 11. He was my first, and maybe watching Dr. Who is like losing your virginity, the first one is always special.  I like the show so much that I went out, and bought my very own sonic screwdriver. Alas, my version does not open every lock in the universe, but it was worth a try. Somethings only the Doctor can do.  The ginger next to the Doctor is one of his companions, Amelia Pond, the Doctor is fond of young, nubile women as traveling companions, and who is to blame him?  I am also a BIG fan of Mlle. Pond, an admiration that used to cause me a lot of grief. 

The point of this post, if it is to have a point, is that our Time Lord from Gallifrey has a number one rule. He has a bunch of rules, but the number one rule, the rule you must always remember, the rule you have to base your entire relationship with him upon, the rule that you can not forget no matter how many monsters are at the door to the TARDIS, is that the Doctor Lies.  Ignore, or forget that rule to your cost. The Doctor didn't get to be his advanced age by telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. A Time Lord operates under a whole different set of ethical rules that the 7 billion people on this planet, and you don't get the title 'Destroyer of Worlds' for being the white hat type of hero.  In fact the 11th Doctor has been told on numerous occasion that the word 'doctor' has taken on a different meaning in various other cultures within which his fame has spread. It mean 'Mighty Warrior' to a number of people, and that should tell you a lot about the Doctor's personality.

I have shamelessly stolen the Doctor's number one rule with regards to this blog. I lie, I lie a lot, and I also think that if you lie, you should lie extravagantly. We all all lie, and we have all been lied to, until the day we die, we will be both liars and lied to. It is just merely an outgrowth of being human. We don't get to regenerate, or have two hearts like the Doctor, we are human, we have one heart, and when it breaks it hurts all the more for being the only one we have. Things that my vast readership get the joy of reading in these pages are not always true. I usually respond to the question of 'who/what was your latest post about?' with the answer 'I have an imagination, you know.'  Well, I do have an imagination, and I bolster that imagination with a very refined ability, and an undying passion for lying.

If any of my readers see or think they see themselves in a post, or if several readers see or think they see themselves in one post, then I am (in my opinion) lying well. If you know me, and have talked to me before, and then read my post and hear my voice in your head, then I am lying well. I don't (always) lie, nor when I lie do I (always) mean to be hurtful. But sometimes mistakes are made, and people's feelings get hurt. I also have a saying about feelings and them getting hurt, but that applies only to my own feelings, not to anyone else's.  I suppose that is about as close to a 'reader be ware' message as I am going to come, and I hope that if I have managed to hurt anyone's feelings that they realize I am 'so sorry' for doing it. I would suspect that part of the reason I have done that is because I have violated another of the Doctor's rules the one that states 'when you are scared don't run.'

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Anonymous said...

one man's lying is another man's "great fiction writing". I'd say it doesn't matter as long as you don't pretend it's the truth and use it to hurt people.