Wednesday, March 28, 2012


You are to be congratulated, you are a LOT smarter than I thought you were, though I never really thought you were the swiftest horse in the stable so that is not saying a whole lot, but you surprised me. I am not a man who likes surprises, but you knew that, and I am sure that finding out you surprised me makes this little 'victory' of yours even sweeter. And it is sweet isn't it? However, maybe you are not that smart after all, maybe you are just clever. And clever isn't quite the same as smart. Clever is an attempt to convince people you are smart, or smarter than you are, and clever sometimes takes so very much effort. It is like the expression 'close enough for government work' meaning let us do this, and hope that no one inspects the finished product too terribly closely.

Though you've been passing those types of inspections all your life haven't you? Maybe you are more than clever after all, but I am not so sure. You do seem to know an awful lot of things about an awful lot of things, and you are keen to downplay any sort of above average intelligence. That is until someone or something makes you mad, then you trot out all that wicked cleverness/intelligence and point it at the offending target like some sort of intelligence cannon, intent upon blasting the offender back into the intelligence stone age. It is sometimes a sight to see, you carving some, what is to your eyes an offensive idiot, up like a xmas goose. You take a special pride in being a son of a bitch to them, and try your best to make them not 're-offend'. All without realizing, or maybe you do realize and just don't care, what a complete bastard it makes you appear to be. Who gave, or gives you the right to judge other people's intelligence? When you are 'passing' as it where.

And you are 'passing', you know. What is worse is you know that I know you are 'passing.' Which I am sure, and I hope, makes you furious. You see I am not a government inspector, and I don't get paid to approve things with just a passing glance. I might not be wicked smart like you are rumored to be, and I am not a deep thinker, but I can spot a fake a mile away, and well you are a fake.  You might be a well turned out fake, but a fake you are nonetheless. It isn't a war crime to be a fake, but I would imagine it is a very scary experience. Going out in public, or worse sitting at home in private wondering everyday if someone (other than your loyal follower me) is going to find out that you are a fake and denounce you.

Of course, I won't denounce you, I can't, not after your latest 'triumph.' Not after the latest trick you've pulled off, it might not have been your best, but it was certainly in the top five, maybe even top three. It is a trick that does make me stand back and whistle with admiration at how you managed to pull it off without anyone (except of course me, the sad clown) noticing all the smoke and mirrors you used to make it work. To denounce you after that act of deception would just be cruel, like drawing eyebrows on the Mona Lisa. It might not have been perfect, but to 'expose' it would be like ruining a work of art, and I love art even if I can't draw something. 

In fact, the more I admire your latest act of fooling the world, the more I think maybe you aren't really a fake after all, and the ironic part of it all is I don't think you realize it. You have been a fake for so long, and you hide so much of yourself behind a impregnable veil of self-loathing that I think you've begin to believe your own lie.  I truly think that you are intelligence, but aren't smart enough to figure that out for yourself, and I understand it is a bit of an paradox, but you are full of those aren't you?  Perhaps if you stopped trying so hard, and so well to convince other people you are smart, and just let them past that wall you've erected around yourself, you might find that you are actually as intelligent as a lot of people (you think you've fooled) think you are.

Hopefully, if you 'allow' that to happen you can stop wasting the talent that whatever being rules this big, empty universe has granted you to some good use. Instead of blasting people with your intelligence when they disturb the balance of your life, you will accept that your balance isn't the ultimate balance. That you, in spite of your overwhelming belief to the contrary, are not the center of the world. There are seven billion people on this planet, and I am fairly certain that somewhere, some of them could profit from your intelligence (other than you of course). If you turn that lighthouse of your intelligence on, instead of hiding it behind the fog of cleverness, then I would actually be proud to call you a friend, rather than just be proud of how you've fooled all of the friends you do possess.

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