Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mover of Mountains

I can move mountains, you know, I can with just a few minor keystrokes move mountains, make animals roar, children cry, or the universe fold in upon itself. With those little hand movements that we all take for granted, and with the time to unshackle my imagination all sorts of wonders can be unleashed. Disasters can be either averted, described, or slammed into head first. All sorts of yummy sights, sounds, and flavours can be unleashed. Little mundane things that most of us overlook in the day to day grind that is our lives can be made into the most glorious, important, or terrifying thing any of us have ever seen. All of this I (at least believe) can do. With mere seconds of preparation, and a firm grasp on the spell check button I can transport myself to distant lands that I will never be able to visit. I can, if I think hard enough, go back in time, or zip into the future. All while just sitting here in my ass groove in my favourite chair. Those happy few amongst us that wish to come with me are more than welcome. I, of course, do not pretend to believe there are that many, nor do I think that the trip is always well received or planned. I suppose at some level that is not really the point, though a terribly executed trip is certainly something to be avoided at all costs. One should not over pack for a journey, but one has to be careful to bring along just enough clean underwear to last. Sometimes it is very, very difficult to move these mountains, or wander amongst these clouds. Other times it seems to be the easiest, most natural thing I have ever done. I, being the person that I am, usually look back, and think "damn I could have done that SO much better if I had any talent." Once in a blue moon, I indulge myself, and think "wow, that is certainly a lovely job, and I should be proud." I sometimes move the same mountain twice, or I sometimes fail to move the right mountain, or I move the damn mountain too much, or too little, or in the wrong direction. I suppose these are just some of the pitfalls of mountain moving. Sometimes you just have to let the mountain go where it wants to, and try to enjoy the ride without getting buried under the stones that you, yourself broke loose. Of course it is not just mountains. Given enough time to think things through I can provide you with many more things than just mountains. You like rivers, swamps, alleys, or multitudes of gleaming armed men willing to die for a cause? No worries, I can up to a certain point pull them out of the proverbial hat. Just make sure your expectations are not set too high, and I am fairly sure I can meet your needs. Sometimes it is just that easy. Of course, other times I can not conjure anything of value, and those are the times that life just is not any fun. We all have our crises of faith, and dry spell afflict even the best of us, but the trick is to keep the lines of imagination open. After all, everyone loves a good mountain story.

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