Friday, February 27, 2009


The above (slightly soiled) gauntlet is for you all you readers at home. Consider it my literary challenge, and I do hope that at least one of the four loyal readers I think I have will take the challenge. It is a simple challenge, at least for you, pick a topic, any topic, and I will blog about it. Keep it mind I do not do sensitive, girly, emotional types of blog post, so try to keep it within reason. Do not expect immediate results, or expect miracles. If you can come up with something that I feel is within my power I will try to churn out a reasonably readable post about it within a short amount of time. I seriously doubt that anyone will pose a topic, but since my previous outings have caused the well of my ideas to run dry, I hope that at least one of you can come up with something that sparks my interest. Keep in mind I am a snob, but not overly intelligent, so plan your pick accordingly. Do not make it too Laurel and Hardy like, but do not expect Rabelais. A immediate response is not to be expected, and I hope you would want me to at least spend some amount of time formulating a proper post. If, as I expect, no one bothers that just means that you bastards will just have to suffer to read whatever inane drivel I happen to produce from my own over active imagination. You have been warned. Oh and P.S. post your challenges here in the comments not by email, text, IM, or smoke signal.


Cynnie said...

I'm whining over newspapers lately ..
write something

tideliar said...

Hmmm...just got around to this. How about

The year is 2429. The world is different, but we would survive with guidance. In much the same way a stranger from 1589 would survive our world... there is a language barrier, but not an insurmountable one. There have been vast technological advances, but a car is just a form of transportation much like a horse and cart. Your writings have gone down in history, and gained worth, much the art of Van Gogh. Worthless in life, priceless after death. Shit analogy, but work with me here.

Blog about it. I'll do the same.

chall said...

Well, since the directions make it a bit narrow how about something addressing this country thing. As in nations. And specifics about certain nations/aspects of that. What does it really mean to be American/X?

Otherwise I have thought about silence vs talking - maybe even a reference to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Ford Prefect's comment about people need to talk so their brain don't turn into mush ;)

Lindsay said...

Oooh, I just discovered this post. Please blog about an awkward, misunderstanding-filled relationship between two people who meet in an unconventional way.

Lindsay said...

Or just blog about confidential informants.