Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The "What Type of Intellectual are You?" Test

Yes I was/am this damn bored.

The Dialectician

You are The Dialectician!You've accepted long ago that gaining knowledge is a lifetime project. In fact, in your mind, you've just barely scratched the surface. But you feel an urge to learn everything you can from whomever you meet, and to encourage others on their own pursuits.People may find you unconvincing, or are so confident in their knowledge they don't recognize the challenges you can produce. But the dialectician has usually been recognized as ahead of his time, eventually.



Dawn said...

Sure did nail you!!! I already new you were challenging, though!

Dawn said...

I know...it's knew. Smart Ass!

Dawn said...

So I took the test:

The quintessential genius of the public imagination, you are The Professor!

Dealing with the rigors of science in an accessible, exciting way, you stimulate the imagination of the world.

You are one of the busiest types of intellectuals. Never settled down, you stay up late reading, because you spend all day teaching! As you get older, people may say that your glory days are past, or that your output no longer shifts the tide. But your many students will always refer to you as an extraordinary (wo)man!