Saturday, June 28, 2008


This is a request for information dear reader(s). Yes, that includes the three of you that actually post comments and the untold thousands (I am convinced) that do not. This is YOUR chance to "help a brother out" as the saying goes. Since I seem to have lost the ability to feel sleepy, I am requesting guidance and perhaps some inspiration. That is the question that I want (your) answer(s) to. What does it feel like to be sleepy??? Since I skip from feeling awake to feeling absolutely exhausted but still awake I skip the "sleepy" phase, and am now desperately seeking information on how it feels. Use your imagination(s) give me some good stuff. Put some thought into it. Tell me how sweet it must feel to just be drifting off to sleep, eyes closing, thoughts becoming slower and slower. Smaller and smaller concentric circles (like a Celtic knot? unending maybe?) as you slowly relax your hold on consciousness, and visit that happy land called sleep that seems to have revoked my passport. I am quite confident that someone has a lovely explanation of this feeling, and hope they would be willing to share the information. All in the interests of science, or maybe art.

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Cynnie said...

I have a prescription for ambien..
I only get 15 a month ..the nights I dont use them ..nothing..I NEVER even get sleepy..i'm not really awake..but not asleep..just existing ..
the night I take a pill..i can feel the sleepy trying to take over..
and this is sad..but i struggle to stay awake..because i really enjoy feeling sleepy..i want it to last.

but then i fall over like a wounded buffalo